Arabic Patient Handouts

Settlement & Screening

BC Immunization Schedule
PAHA Nurse Screening Form
Refugee Hearing Preparation: A Guide for Refugee Claimants (Kinbrace)  

Child Health & Parenting

Fever in Children (Fraser Health)  [English]
Growing Together Parent Handouts (BC Council for Families)  [English]
Vomiting or diarrhea in children (Fraser Health)  [English]


Alpha thalassemia  [English version]
Beta thalassemia  [English version]
Sickle cell disease (NSW Health Australia)  [English version]

Mental Health

Coping with stress (NSW Health) | Arabic [English version]
GAD-7  [English version]
Mental Disorders: What Families and Friends Can do to Help  [English version] 
PHQ9  [English version]

Women's Health & Pregnancy

Breastfeeding Resources
Breastfeeding Tips (La Leche League) [English version]
Common discomforts of pregnancy  [English version]
Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy  [English version]
Pelvic Ultrasound (The Royal Women's Hospital)  [English version]
Prenatal genetic screening

Diabetes, Nutrition & Lifestyle

Canada Food Guide  [English]
Insomnia | What you can do to sleep better (Health Info Translations)
Iron-rich foods

Infectious Disease

Schistosomiasis (NSW Health Australia)  [English]
Shingles  [English]
Strongyloidiasis (NSW Health Australia)  [English]
Tuberculosis (Minnesota Dept of Health)  [English]
Urinary Tract Infection (Fraser Health) [English]

General Medical

Headaches (Fraser Health) [English]
Hypertension (Health Info Translations)
Neck pain and strain (Fraser Health)  [English]

Arabic Patient Handout Catalogues

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Health Information Translations
Health Navigator New Zealand
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New South Wales multicultural health communication
NIH Medline Plus Health Information in Multiple Languages